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Important Info

Please be aware your safety is paramount! If you are wishing to go any further than the Harbour area in from of my Hut such as touring down the coast or venturing elsewhere you must be a competent paddler with experience in trip planning – reading sea conditions, tides, weather, sup safety and rescue. You must also have a communication device such as a VHF radio or phone in a water proof case.   

I always advise that instead of Rental for persons to book onto one of my weekly SUP SOCIAL sessions or one of my TOURS if possible. The Sea or anywhere else can be a dangerous place if you do not know what you are doing and are not prepared. Hey SUP Socials are same price as an hours Rental!!!!!!!!!!   

My Pathway to Rental                                                                                                                          

Beginner Lesson/Family Fun – Rental for practice and play in front of my Hut

Coastal Tour – Rental for coastal tour or venturing elsewhere [only if have communication device/water proof case etc.

[You must be deemed competent by myself before being permitted to rent]


Our equipment

Stonehaven Paddleboarding has the latest and most recommended equipment you can get for rental so you can be assured that you will be having the best experience.

The Boards are inflatable and come deflated in a bag with pump, leash and paddle.

If you would prefer to collect board inflated just let me know.

Wetsuits and Boots are all 5mm to keep you toasty warm.


Full kit – Board, paddle, wetsuit, boots, gloves, PFD and bag if required

2 hrs – £30
1 day – £60
2 days – £80
3 days – £120
4 days – £150
5 days – £170
6 days – £195

(For longer rental please add £20 per day)

Wetsuits, boots and gloves only

2hrs – £10
1 day – £20

Pick up and Drop back

Please phone/e mail to arrange pick up and drop back times.
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important information

Terms & conditions
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Minimum Standard
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Equipment Setup
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Terms & Conditions

Only persons over the age of 14yrs that meet the minimum standard for Paddleboarding are permitted to rent equipment. All those under 18yrs must be accompanied on the water by a parent or guardian who also meets the minimum standards required.

If in doubt about your ability message me or send an enquiry about booking onto one of my lessons or progression sessions. Customers must ensure prior to hiring that they are not suffering from alcohol or drug abuse or any medical condition that would make it dangerous to participate.

You must take communication and safety with you in a water proof case/bag if touring and understand self rescue techniques. If in doubt have a lesson or stay near our lesson groups.

We reserve the right to refuse rental to any customer if we consider any of the above conditions are likely not to be met or we consider surf or weather conditions to be unsafe.

Paddling in the Harbour                                                                                                                                               Be aware of fishing and other boats moving in and around the Harbour. Priority of movements should be given to boats entering/exiting the harbour at all times.

Stay clear of moored boats.

Never dwell in and around any of the entry and exit points of the 3 areas of the Harbour.

When leaving or entering any of the 3 Harbour areas always keep to the middle of the entry and exit areas so you are visible to any other boats entering or leaving.

Stay clear of the area highlighted in the pic below paddle craft are not permitted here at all times, large fishing boats move in this area so it is highly dangerous to paddle around here!

Minimum Standard

  • Can swim a minimum of 100m
  • Have completed a structured Beginner
  • Lesson on the sea successfully or already be a competent paddleboarder
  • Can steer and control direction of board
  • Understand self-rescue techniques
  • Understand the basics of RIPs, Wind Effect and Tides
  • Understand etiquette for other water users and sea craft

Stonehaven Paddleboarding COVID 19 Procedures

I will be staging my opening process and the operating of my activities in accordance with guidance set by the Scottish Government, Watersports Governing Bodies and advice from the Coast Guard and RNLI. Many of these procedures are already standard practice but due to COVID-19 additional measures are needed. All procedures will be monitored closely, and changes will be made as regulations are updated.

  • Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to participate in activities
  • If you, or any of the members of your household display any symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to your activity, I request that you contact me to rearrange or cancel your lesson
  • Recommended safe social distances will be kept during your time visiting and throughout activities
  • There will be non-contact booking and payment in operation
    Non-contact equipment pick-up and drop off for renting equipment
  • Class sizes will be in accordance to government guidelines
  • Lessons and tours will be one-to-one; however, larger groups are permitted only if they are from the same household
  • Hand washing and hand sanitisers will be available for use prior to and after activities
  • All equipment will be regularly cleaned and disinfected prior to and after use
  • Paddler Requirements
  • Must respect physical distance (minimum 2-metres) between instructor and yourself
  • All customers must be able to swim a minimum of 25-metres and be fit and healthy as the activity requires a reasonable level of fitness
  • Customers must be prepared to self-rescue; at the start of the activity, time will be allocated for demonstration and practice
  • In an event that the instructor has to enter this 2-metre space or there is an unexpected incident/rescue, extra measures such as distance rescue techniques, face mask/visor, latex gloves for the rescuer are in place
  • Changing Rooms will be unavailable, so it will be required that you get changed by your car or on the beach/harbour front
  • To keep track of contact, a record of everyone participating in activities (including non-paddlers) will be kept, ensuring rapid contact tracing can occur if someone does fall unwell
  • Paddlers can use their own gear. As normal, the instructor will check equipment to ensure it is appropriate for the activities, but will not physically handle the boards, leashes, paddles
  • Respect all wildlife, staying more vigilant than usual
  • Respect all other water users by keeping your distance and demonstrate a willingness to share.


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